Retro Football Management Cheat Ads Remover APK Modding

Retro Football Management Cheat Ads Remover APK Modding

Retro Football Management 1.4.12 apk mod 1

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Download Retro Football Management 1.4.12 APK MOD

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Retro Football Management - An Overview

In this classic football manager game you will be able to take control of the greatest sides from history and complete a game in less time than it takes to complete your daily commute.

First choose the country and season where you fell in love with football, then choose your favourite club. Manage your idols, sell the players you never liked and buy the ones you did.

The app is free and does not require you to spend money in order to win. It’s a fair test of your skill and football knowledge, you against the computer just like it used to be.

The game invites you to first choose your preferred country, once selected you then choose the season you want to play, why not try the Italian 1989 1990 season that sees the greatest club side ever Milan take on the greatest player ever Maradona.

After choosing the season and club you want to play you will then be given your season objective by the clubs board. This sets out exactly what is required in your first season, it’s very simple either hit your objective and receive rewards like stadium expansions and cash, or fail and receive the classic end game message “Game Over”.

Your squad is small and so you will need to sell to buy, your transfer aptitude will go a long way to determining your success, bring in the right players and you might just see a 2nd season.
Foreign transfer list enabling users to buy the best players from around the world. Plus new Spanish season.

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