Metal Soldier Cheat MOD APK

Metal Soldier Cheat MOD APK

Metal Soldier 1.4.1 apk mod 1

For everybody who is a Metal Soldier video gamers looking to have a good time within a gaming app that in fact seeks your funds, then you are in the right place, a brand new Metal Soldier  resources generator makes it possible for online players to fully really enjoy their own game without ever having spending some money.

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Delivered by, the brand new Hack and Metal Soldier  Cheat trick have the ability to totally improvement game experience because here you will you accumulate assets without spending one single dollar so that you could wholly take pleasure in the overall game without allocating money.

The Metal Soldier Cheat trick runs on both Android and iOSdevices and is actually competent to generated unlimited resources pretty quickly, all by simply a couple of clicks, it has been totally protected and doesn t require any APK modding because this is perfect for incredible.

Metal Soldier - An Overview

After the outbreak of war, the world became ruins, the battlefield is out of order, enemies and troubles are everywhere, only the bare land left. At this crunch time, A group of "bounty hunters" appear healing the world, safeguarding fairness and justice.
The story begins with the robbery of the Departure Town. And now you are one of the soldiers, you follow the supporting hunter Erica, learn to be strong enough to play a full part in fight. However, the real plot is just the tip of the iceberg when you uncover the mystery, kill the guy behind the robbers afterwards.
It is time to wear your armor, pick up your weapons and gear up to fight.
- Simple, intuitive and addictive gameplay.
- Fierce battle with a combination of driver and chariot. Each chariot and driver has its own skills. Passive skills in chariot and active skills in driver. Through the combination, you can act in different ways!
- Variety of weapons to modify. Every weapon is unique in appearance, changing the weapon of the chariot and the role at will. More than 200 weapons are available, zodiac weapons are waiting for you!
- Rich plot with 6 chapters to experience. More than 200 maps to explore. You can feel the cruelty and hope alternated in it, what an amazing world!
- Strategy-based battles. RPG with diverse combinations. 6 drivers + 6 chariots, every drivers can arm 3 weapons. Thousands of levels for battle, kinds of enemies to face. Show time and use your wisdom!
- Unknown rewards, Unknown Side Quests, Unknown plot, and plenty of weeks to play.

So why not just download now and enjoy the game!

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