Magic Variable - Match-3 RPG Strategy & Puzzle Cheat MOD APK

Magic Variable - Match-3 RPG Strategy & Puzzle Cheat MOD APK

Magic Variable - Match-3 RPG Strategy & Puzzle 1.6.0 apk mod 1

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Magic Variable - Match-3 RPG Strategy & Puzzle 1.6.0 apk mod 2

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Magic Variable - Match-3 RPG Strategy & Puzzle - An Overview

Are you looking for puzzles and battles? Try this block game 😊
The game combines match-3 puzzles with turn-based RPG strategy. Command your heroes, level them up and improve their skills. Collect treasures, golden apples, butterflies and statues. Prove your strategic thinking and become a true warrior!

Lead your heroes through the battles in forests and deserts and let them conquer the magical world. Find your own strategy how to win. Match at least 3 stones of the same kind and reinforce your heroes and help them to defeat dangerous monsters. Capture the elements of earth, air, water and fire to become stronger.

The game has 2 rounds:
- Round 1 - Match 3 or more blocks of the same kind
- Round 2 - Move heroes, collect potions, attack monsters

There are 15 regions with 96 levels each. Having completed all 96 levels and collecting all the pieces of puzzle, you may try to solve a puzzle. If you succeed, the region is yours and you may try your luck in the neighboring regions.

You may gain 12 heroes in the game and meet 9 kinds of monsters.

The game utilizes RPG concepts. You may level up your heroes, which improves their characteristics (health, attack and special skill power). Each hero may further improved in elemental masteries, which makes him/her better with different monsters.
The strategy is very important in the game. It does matter where your heroes stand and which monster they attack.

You will find 4 castles in this magic world - each represents an element:
- Fire Palace 🔥
- Air Palace ☁️
- Water Palace 💧
- Earth Palace 🌳
The training in the castle may improve your element mastery.
Or you may build your own home castle which will gradually reveal its secrets to you.

The game offers various level types:
- Simple match-3 with a treasure unlocking/hero rescuing
- Heroes vs. monsters battle
- Tower battle
- Apple picking
- Butterfly picking
- Statue searching
- Enchained heroes battle
Each level type requires a slightly different strategy to pass it.

As soon as you meet 4 heroes, Daily Quest tower may be visited once a day. Challenge your quick reactions in this real time fight against monsters and protect your heroes as long as you can.

Do you like puzzles, strategies and RPG? This game will match all 3 your preferences.
Fixed bug which prevented running the game without a built castle

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